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Single room control solutions for heated / chilled ceiling systems (6-way characterised control valve)

The product may differ from the illustration

Room temperature controller CRK24-B1
Heated/chilled ceiling 6-way valve
AC 24 V
Setpoint: 18...35º C, rotary button: +/- 3 K
Select mode, display: AUTO / ECO / MAX
1 output: 6-way control valve
5 inputs: EHO, Stand-by, dewpoint,
Setpoint adapt., ext. temp. sensor


PDF Data Sheets Accessories 6-way control valves R3015-.. BIM Plug-in Download
CE Declaration of Conformity

PDF Data Sheets for CRK24-B1 Send PDFs for other items
Product Information CRK24-B1 (PDF - 1,379 kb) Send Data Sheet
Application library (PDF - 1,531 kb) Send Data Sheet
Controlled room and zone ventilation - The complete product range (PDF - 764 kb) Send Data Sheet

Accessories for CRK24-B1
CRZA-A   Spare cover for single room controller CR24-A..
without operation elements
colour: RAL 9003 signal white

CRZW   Spare wall socket for single room controller CR24-..
12 (8 + 4) connection terminals
colour: light grey NC 2005-R80B

Safety notes

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