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UK24EIB is the EIBA-certified gateway from Belimo. It connects the Belimo MP-Bus with KNX. On the MP-Bus side, up to 8 MP actuators can be connected.

In the UK24EIB, the digital MP information of the control system and feedback is converted to KNX.

Sensor connection

One sensor can be connected per MP actuator. In this way, the analog signal of the sensor can be easily digitized with the Belimo actuator - and transferred to KNX via UK24EIB.

Suitable actuators can be selected from the bus device selection tool.


  UK24EIB Product information (1.4 mb)
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Interoperable operation

The UK24EIB gateway does not perform any control functions. On the KNX side, there is also an KNX-capable interoperable controller that performs the control functions. It is connected with the UK24EIB gateway via KNX, through which it controls the MP actuators on the MP-Bus and also reads out the values of the connected sensors.

KNX capable controllers that function interoperably and faultlessly with the Belimo UK24EIB gateway are available on the market from various manufacturers (see Interoperable Application).


  Interoperable Applications (1.5 mb)

KNX VAV-Compact volumetric flow controller with sensor interface

Compact volumetric flow controller with integrated interface for KNX TP (S-Mode).

Sensor interface

One active sensor or one switching contact can be integrated per actuator in the network. This makes conventional sensors capable of communication in the simplest way imaginable.


Device selection tool
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ETS product database
KNX actuators with sensor interface

Actuator with integrated interface for KNX (S mode) for the motorisation of characterised control valves.
It is connected by cable.

Sensor interface

One passive or active sensor or one switching contact can be linked into the network for each actuator. This makes conventional sensors communications-capable in a very simple fashion.


Device selection tool
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ETS product database

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